The Tenacious Angels Reset Program is designed to give back to those who have given so much to our community, including first responders, VA and military personnel, teachers, emergency care workers, and families and individuals with special needs.

Eligible buyers and sellers will receive 10% of the agent's commission towards their closing costs, or as a rebate when listing their home.

VA and military buyers will also have their first inspection during the buying process at no cost to them.

This program is our way of giving back and showing our appreciation for those who have dedicated their lives to serving our community.

- Tenacious Angels is a domestic nonprofit organization operating under Kimberly Tocco, PLLC, and aims to support families who have experienced hardships by helping them start a new chapter in their lives. - The mother company, Kimberly Tocco, PLLC, (Entity ID: P22418121) has contributed over $300,000 to families in the last 10 years, either through the sale of their homes or assisting them in acquiring a new home. - Tenacious Angels offers various programs to empower women entrepreneurs, provide rebates for first responders, support VA military special needs, and assist teachers. - The organization's services include relieving the cleanup efforts on an estate to prepare it for sale, helping the estate sort through and dispose of items, and assisting in the selling of valuable items. If the Estate chooses to have Tenacious Angels sell the valuable items, it is customary to pay out the estate up to 50% of said values realized and the remaining 50% is distributed evenly between contractors and agents hired to perform the work. - Tenacious Angels is a registered and pending as a 501©3 nonprofit with the IRS

Who is this program for?

Tenacious Angels Outreach program is specifically tailored for women entrepreneurs and business owners purchasing primary, second home, or investment properties that they will be running their business or home office out of.

What does the program offer?

The program offers commission rebates towards closing costs or rate buy-downs to make purchasing a property more affordable.

- Anything over 2% of the commission received by the agent will be credited towards the buyer's closing costs or to buy down interest rates.

- Standard commission rates are typically 2.5 to 3%, meaning that the program provides a potential rebate of up to 1% of the purchase price.

- Full home warranty, a deep cleaning service for their home, and a half-day work by a handyman for any services needed to your new home or home you're selling.

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